New story to be published!


New story to be published!

Look for my story, “Felix Forgets,” in the January 2014 issue!

I found out last week that my first fiction story is being published in Skipping Stones Magazine! I was excited but mainly surprised, because it’s been SO LONG since I submitted this story. I gave up on it long ago. In fact, this story is now in a totally different form of revision. An will probably make another jump from picture book to chapter book if I ever get around to it. I never thought this-long ago-version of “Felix Forgets” would ever see daylight.

It just goes to show that you never know how things are going to go in this crazy world of children’s writing. Stories that I’ve been sure had a future have been shot down repeatedly, and things that I gave up on have been published. I guess that’s why everyone says that persistence is more important than anything else; writing everyday and continuing to send things out, even when you know to expect rejections. Hopefully, your writing also improves along the way!

So…look for “Felix Forgets” coming in January! It’s a story about a bilingual boy who is torn between his Spanish speaking world and English world. As a teacher in L.A., I saw kids bouncing back and forth and I hated when they proudly told me that they didn’t even know Spanish anymore. I hope this story shows that there is room for multiple languages and identities, no matter where you come from.


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