Appleseeds Magazine Article!


Appleseeds Magazine Article!

So, after many, many queries to many, many magazines I finally got my foot in the door! I’ve been pining over the Cricket magazine group because I think it’s one of the best quality magazines out there. I’ve been trying to send a few queries each month since Spring. I think part of my problem is that they are just really slow to process the queries they get because…I just got a response from a query that I sent in April.

They want an article for Appleseeds Magazine on how the Inca temples were built without using wheels. If all goes well, my article will be published in April 2014! Drawing on our trip to Peru has made this article lots of fun to write and a challenge too, because I’m trying to cram as much into 450 words as possible.

I guess the moral of the story is to never give up. Both of my last two successes have come long after I’ve moved on to the next 20 projects. Who knows what will come up 6 months down the line!


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