My name is Brooke Reedlunn, welcome to my blog!  This blog is about my adventures in writing for kids.

Throughout 10 great years of teaching, I came to love children’s books. Teaching kids to read showed me how great an impact books and great stories have on children. I also realized how strong the need is for writing that respect’s children’s and teacher’s intelligence. Focusing on curriculum development and language arts instruction pushed me further down the path to children’s writing. So here I am, writing for kids!

Another important writing influence is my current life as a mom to one (soon to be two) children. Having a front row seat to watch childhood unfold is a true inspiration for me as a writer.

Besides writing and mommying, I have many other interests and hobbies. I love to hike in the mountains around Albuquerque, NM, even though I have an ambling preschooler in tow. I love to snuggle up with a good book, even though it will usually keep me up too late at night. And I love to paint landscapes with watercolors, even though my chances of finishing without distraction are low indeed.

Thanks for joining me on this writing journey. Who knows just where it will lead!


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