(A sample from a longer case study done as part of my National Board Certification.)

by Brooke Reedlunn

“In observing “Mary” informally each day, there were many instances that pointed to her difficulty retaining information, especially letter sounds. In one example, letter ID assessments (based on state-wide early literacy assessment) showed she knew the letter sounds  /p/, /h/, and /f/ as of 1/9/09 but was unable to identify the sounds only a week later. This inconsistency was illustrated one day when she contributed to shared writing by correctly adding the consonant blend /br/ to the beginning of the word “breakfast.” But the next day (1/20/09), I watched her trying to sound out the word “brother,” in her letter to President Obama (Work Sample #1) and noticed that she was unable to correctly identify the sound that the letter “B” makes, instead starting the word with a letter “L.” I realized that I would have to find new ways to help her to recall letters and sounds instead of grasping at letters and words anew everyday.”



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