A sample from a longer article about Jimmy Carter’s childhood on a country farm.

by Brooke Reedlunn

“Growing up in Jimmy’s farmhouse was pretty different from life, today. Imagine having no furnace, only fireplaces and a wood stove. Imagine having no refrigerator, only an ice box. Imagine having no electricity until you were 14 years old! Jimmy’s family used oil lamps for light and a battery powered radio instead of TV. If you were like Jimmy, you wouldn’t even have a bathroom. Instead, the outhouse in the yard had a tall hole for adults to sit on and a lower hole for kids. When they finally got a bathroom inside, everyone was excited. They were so happy that they didn’t even mind the unusual shower. It had a bucket with holes drilled in it for a shower head and only cold water. Brrrrr! It’s hard to imagine, but sometimes it got so cold that the toilet would fall off the wall, pushed over by freezing pipes in winter. What a surprise!”


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