A story written for a contest with a 75 word limit, with the whole story in texts:

by Brooke Reedlunn


Sam: can u believe it?

Katelyn: what? i’m your twin not a mind reader!

Sam: i tripped – cafeteria.

Katelyn: so?

Sam: white pants.

Katelyn: oh 😦

Sam: sloppy joes.

Katelyn: bummer 😦

Sam: ON Patrick!!! :0

Katelyn: No!?! THE Patrick?

Sam: yep. can i ask a favor?

Katelyn: you want to tell him u r me, don’t u?

Sam: pretty please?

Katelyn: sure, Patrick’s no big deal.

Sam: u r the best twin ever.

Katelyn: did u tell him u r Katelyn?

Sam: Thank U Thank U Thank U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katelyn: So…it worked?

Sam: He said, “Say hi to Sam.”  😉


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